We promised many updates to come for DappStats during Q1 2021 at the beginning of Feburary 2021.

We are happy to inform our community that things are on track and we will be able to deliver a few of the updates before the end of Feburary.

We will be releasing the following updates during Feb:

  • Binance Smart Chain: This has to be one of the most exciting updates which we look forward to roll out as there is a lot of hype building up on this chain.
  • Poll DApp: This will be another exciting experiment to utilize DappStats tokens giving…

It has been too long since our last update, even though we have been working in the background to make sure everything continues to work smoothly while we continue to improve and add features. Today, we would like to share what everyone can expect to see during Q1 of 2021 on DappStats.

Let us start with one of the most important announcements, which should make everyone in the community happy 😄. After much consideration and thought, we have decided we will burn 80% of the token supply!!! This will leave a total of 20 million tokens as the final supply.

This year has truly been a year we all will remember for life. Even though we had many downturns during this year, we had some great moments as well.

We at DappStats thought lets add more greatness to the end of this year for everyone by giving a surprise to our community. We have decided to add TRX to the following from our side:

  • 250,000 TRX Liquidity on Justswap for DappStats — TXID
  • 25,000 TRX in Div Pool — TXID
  • 25,000 TRX in Feeder Pool — TXID

More great news to come during 2021!!!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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What a year 2020 has been for all of us, a lot has happened during this year, it has truly been a challenge for everyone around the world to adjust to the pandemic and measures placed because of it. At the same time, it has been a wonderful time for the crypto space to grow and finally getting out of the bear trend with Bitcoin breaking its ATH after almost 3 years.

For DappStats it has been a wonderful journey as well with many speedbumps during our journey but at the same time been a learning and adapting period for…

It brings us great pleasure in announcing that we have achieved another major milestone in our journey. IOST blockchain DApp tracking is now available on our Website, making it the third blockchain supported.

We will continue to work hard in making sure we provide the most accurate data for all DApps and continue to build and make DappStats the №1 DApp analytic site.

Let’s welcome the IOST community with open arms and show them what DappStats is all about 😉

Check out all the IOST DApp data on DappStats

DappStats Links

· DappStats Website

· DappStats Telegram

· DappStats Twitter

· DappStats Intro Video

Buy and Exchange Crypto

We continue to work towards making our users experience great and try to find them the best possible deals and gifts from up and coming platforms in the Dapp Space.

Today it brings us great pleasure to announce a collaboration with Kingdom Karnage to give the DappStats community and others a chance to win some amazing prizes from Kingdom Karnage.

We have decided to do three contests/giveaways

1) Twitter giveaway

HEY EVERYONE. We know things have seemed quiet on the surface and that with this coronavirus pandemic, everyone has been busy sorting things out in their lives. Today, let us give you the progress DappStats has made during Q1 of 2020.

We will break this article into 3 categories: things we have already achieved, things that are in progress, and what to expect during Q2 of 2020.

Things we have already achieved

Platform link

The contest has concluded and below are the winners.

  • 1st: DappStats Tiger = 3,000 TRX + 1,500 DST + 200 VOID ( Additional 500 VOID if your DappStats VIP )
  • 2nd: B_Crypto = 1,500 TRX + 1,000 DST + 200 VOID ( Additional 300 VOID if your DappStats VIP )
  • 3rd: SlothGod = 500 TRX + 750 DST + 200 VOID ( Additional 200 VOID if your DappStats VIP )
  • 4th: tWHOrlSaTHISy = 500 DST + 200 VOID
  • 5th: Sloth = 250 DST + 200 VOID
  • 6th: Error_404_DST = 200 DST + 200 VOID
  • 7th: Aragorn = 200…

Platform link

In celebration of Void’s new ownership and amazing progress, we at DappStats have decided to do our own contest overlapping PlayRoyal’s Void wagering contest.

This will be a wagering contest, where the top 10 players by volume under DappStats referral will receive rewards at the end.

The total prize pool for this contest will be 5,000 TRX + 5,000 DST + 3000 VOID tokens, which will be broken down as follows:

  • 1st = 3,000 TRX + 1,500 DST + 200 VOID ( Additional 500 VOID if your DappStats VIP )
  • 2nd = 1,500 TRX + 1,000 DST +…

Dividend Pool Smart Contract

We continue to work hard and make sure our users’ experience is as comfortable as possible and continue to provide a great experience. We have to make some new implementations to the dividend smart contract, one of which is the capability to connect the feeder smart contract (2nd smart contract for advertising funds) to it, and since we have to implement a new dividend smart contract, we decided to take advantage of this situation and implement a few additional things for future implementations.


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